Daily Art Velvet Effect Paste – Magic in a jar!

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

What’s not to love about Velvet Effect Paste?  It is one of the best sellers on www.decoupage.ie and no wonder.

It comes in a gorgeous range of colours.

It can  create  different  effects   depending on how you apply it.

And my personal favourite …….you can use it to add amazing raised stencils to your work.    Have a look at this  video made by the wonderful Anna Strzelecka that will show you exactly how   Video : Using Daily Art Velvet Effect Paste to create a raised image. .

All products including the Velvet Effect Paste,  palette knifes,  wooden blanks and  stencils can be found on http://www.decoupage.ie

Any questions?   Just add a comment or email me at liz@decoupage.ie.  You can also get more information on this and other products on the Daily Art website www.dailyart.eu

Happy Decoupaging!

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