Fan Girling at my age!

Paint it Back to Life with Joanne Condon!

Do you remember your first celebrity crush? You can guess someone's age pretty well by their answer to that question. I had a crush on the drummer from the Police, The Edge in U2, the tin whistle player in the Pogues, never the lead man for some reason :-) So yes that places me in my early 50's.

Now I have to confess to another crush - I'm a little bit in love with Joanne Condon from Kyle Lane. Not in a weird creepy way of course. But in a very teenage fan girl type of way. I love her style, I love her personality and I love how generous she is sharing her skills with the world.

Meet Joanne - the Queen of Colour!

I'm sure you have heard of Joanne . She has a very successful business in Clonmel both painting furniture and teaching her furniture painting and crafty skills all around Ireland. Her work and beautiful home has appeared in House and Home magazine as well as most of the national newspapers and she is a regular contributor to RTE's Today show putting Daithi O Se through his paces :-) . Check out her instagram account here

She also has written an amazing book called "Furniture Crush" published one year ago exactly! Joanne crowd sourced the money to write this book , I'm proud to be one of the 156 people who backed her dream by pre ordering a copy. It took her longer than she thought to get it perfect and published but boy was it worth the wait. It is one of those rare things, a book that is beautiful enough to grace your coffee table but practical and crammed full of tips and advice. It really is a bible for anyone who wants to get going with their own furniture upcycling projects.

Even though I've been painting up furniture for a few years now, I still picked up lots of tips and you can't help but be inspired by Joanne's love of colour and her infectious creativity.

Project 2 : Paper Perfect

The first half of the book takes you through all the basics - literally nothing is left uncovered. The materials you need, how to source furniture, how to plan your project, how to prepare you furniture and the techniques you will need to paint your furniture. But the real fun starts when she gets into the projects. The book contains 12 projects - each one a cracker. Each project details exactly what you need to do the job, how best to plan it out, and then goes through how to achieve the effects , step by step with beautiful pictures describing all the key stages to creating the most stunning projects. You will be amazed what you can create with some painters tape , stencils , paint and rollers!

Her book is available on her website here . It's also available in some lovely shops around the country (listed on the link). It's €22.00 which is great value for such a beautiful hardback reference book. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted anyway but do pop over to her website and take a closer look at the book . I know you will love it.

If you do get your hands on a copy , I'd love to know if you share my views - or you can even just tell me your first celebrity crush so I can guess your age.

Happy Decoupaging


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