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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Decoupage using napkins can be tricky. But is here to change all that! I believe that with the right materials and a very simple basic technique you can create beautiful work. So lets get started .

Material List

You don't need many supplies but here is what I recommend

Daily Art Glue for Decoupage

I have been recommending this glue for a few years now , way before I started selling it . It's lovely and thin and has a component in it to reduce wrinkles - what's not to love! If you can't get your hands on any , go for any glue specifically designed for decoupage .

Size 20 Flat Brush

It's really important to use a wide flat brush. Not too wide or you won't be able to control where it goes but too narrow and you will end up with lots of wrinkles as you will have to brush lots of times to get the napkin stuck down.


You need to paint before you decoupage, preferable a light colour. This will ensure your decoupage doesn't peel off over time. When beginning, I recommend you paint the surface white. It will ensure the napkin looks bright and blends well. Use a water based paint. You can either use a chalky paint (like Daily Art Vintage paint) or a good acrylic paint . If using acrylic you might need to prime the surface first. Stick to water based paints.


This is such an important component of your work. Varnishing your work will set it apart . Over napkins you will need at two coats of varnish , possibly three. I recommend either Daily Art brand or Polyvine Wax finish Clear Varnish (it is heat and water resistant).

Very Fine Sand Paper

So important!

Kitchen Roll & Baby Wipes

An essential bit of your kit!!!! If things go a bit wonky wipe it all off and start again!

The Technique

The lovely Anna made this short video showing you exactly how it is done!

I run classes regularly in Bray that teaches this technique , with loads of opportunities to practice and also to create a beautiful project.

Create beautiful objects with Decoupage

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