My three favourite books about Decoupage

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

As you know I love decoupage and I can’t resist buying every book I see on the topic.   Here is my current top three favourite books, what they cover and where to find them.

Manning on Decoupage by Hiram Manning

This charming book is now out of print but copies can be found for as cheap as 75p on . I  love it so much.   It was written back in 1969 by the man credited with reviving the craft of decoupage in the States – Hiram Manning.     It is a must read for anyone interested in traditional decoupage or interested in the history of decoupage. It is written in a delightful style and even the most experienced decoupage artist will  pick up a tip or two .  You may be even tempted to try out some of the more traditional techniques.

New Decoupage by Durwin Rice

Slightly more up to date (published in 2008)  ,  New Decoupage , transforming your home with paper, glue and scissors ,  is written by Durwin Rice.    It combines the best of the other two books,  explaining the history of decoupage, traditional techniques before going on to explain how to do some great projects.  Again sadly it is out of print but you can seek out a copy in your library or on or ebay.

20 To Make :  Modern Decoupage by Louise Crosbie

At the time of writing this is still in print and available on Amazon.  It’s a tiny book but packed full of  gorgeous projects and perfect to get inspiration and for when you are starting out.    I pass this book around at my classes to help kick start people’s imagination!  It’s around €5  so a bargain too.

So there it is my top three books on Decoupage.  I hope you seek them out and let me know what you think.  If  you have any favourites , I ‘d love to hear about them as I  am always looking to expand my library.   

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Much Love


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