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These are water based gels are suitable for 3 dimensional decoration.   They are odorless and non toxic and can be used on all kinds of surfaces eg plastic, polysterene, glass, metal, wood, paper, clay, fabric , wax and ceramics.    

The gels are an incredibly versatile product -  use them to create 3D effects with stencils,   use a tiny amount to highlight the design on your decoupage,   apply with a sponge to create a frosted appearance on glass,  run through a stencil onto plastic to create stickers to adorn curved surfaces.  It can be used in a thin mold to create 3D effects that can be glued onto your projects.    Check out  the Events page for upcoming classes using this product.  It truly is amazing!!!


It comes in a variety of colours ,  all of which can be mixed together .     The drying time will vary depending on the thickness applied.   A few days are necesary to reach maximum solidity and compactness.  Once it is completely dry , it is hard and durable and can be washed with water.    


Tools can be cleaned with warm soapy water. 


Calambour Touch 3D Glossy Effect