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Sandable high coverage primer for any surface. Spreads easily in a thin layer and does not crack in a thick layer. Can be used to build texture. Perfect all in one gesso for mixed media projects. First of all, it is an ideal coverage gesso that can be used on any surface. As you can apply it in a thick layer, you would not need a few coats of primer on a canvas before painting. Just one coat will be enough. The same way you can use it on wooden blanks. It will fill all the uneven parts of the wooden surface, which any unfinished wooden surface would have. 

The Gesso Paste is sandable after dry. You can put a thicker layer, and if you need you can make a surface smooth with sanding paper in few easy moves!.
In case you need a semitransparent layer for your project, dilute primer with water in any proportion that you need.
Finally, it can be used as a paste to build a structure. Apply it with a painting knife and stencil and leave to dry. The gesso paste will not crack even in a thick layer. The surface will be porous after dry. Daily ART_Spray Inks,_Wax Patina, and any_Paint_would stick perfectly to dried Gesso Paste.

White Gesso Paste (Heavy body Gesso) 100ml , Daily Art

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